Girls Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • Female only class
  • A great self-defense martial art
  • Any age and any body type can do this martial art
  • Increase flexibility, fitness, strength and physical conditioning

What is involved in class?
  • Learn how to defend yourself when on the ground or standing up
  • Learn how to submit someone without striking them using a range of techniques
  • This martial art does not involve any strikes

Frequently asked questions

Comfortable clothing is a must! Make sure you can sweat in it!

Shoes are not required as we train on martial arts mats.

If you have a martial arts gi, bring it along to our gi classes. A gi isn’t essential when you are starting out but will be required eventually.

Any female can do our girls BJJ classes and we cater to all fitness and skill levels. We have students who are just starting out as well as students who have been training in BJJ for years. Everyone gets a great workout while having fun.

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Class Details

  • Duration :
  • Location :
    EFMA (Ferntree Gully)
  • Level :
    Beginner & Intermediate & Advanced
  • Capacity :
    30 people

Class Times

  • Tuesday :
    (GI) 6:00pm - 6:45pm

Class Registration